Is it good to sleep without clothes?

So, if I tell you today that while sleeping if you sleep without clothes then it will lead to good sleep.

Will you believe it? No, right?

What if I provide you with scientific facts? I am sure you will believe me after that. Naked sleeping can be a little better. 

This is entirely upon you, whether you choose to sleep with your clothes on or you want to sleep naked. There is not much difference between sleeping with clothes on and sleeping without clothes. But the latter one is effective to provide you a sound sleep.

8 reasons why you should sleep without clothes

1. Body temperature

We all know the more your body temperature goes down the less time it takes for you to go to deep sleep. Wearing clothes will also lower your body temperature but the process is slow. Whereas sleeping without clothes will lower down your body temperature fast. 

2. At emergency conditions

Our bodies always adapt to conditions in a very rapid way. We basically sleep with fans on and sometimes air conditioners are used to lower the body temperature. But at times, when there is a power cut your body temperature goes up rapidly and you start sweating.

As a result instead of deep sleep you get disturbed sleep at night. Taking off your clothes and sleeping will help you reduce your body temperatures during such conditions.

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3. Healthy for skin

We all know how deep sleep is necessary for glowing and healthy skin. Regular deep sleep at night nourishes your skin to a great extent. A study proved that poor sleep limited the skin’s ability to heal from a small wound, whereas good sleep every day healed the wound quickly.

4. Stress reliever

Sleeping naked will help you get a night of better and deep sleep. This will help you to decrease your anxiety and stress level. A study proves that sleeping without clothes leads to better sleep ultimately helping in lessening depression and stress. 

5. Prevents weight gain

If you are having problems with your sleep, then it may cause several issues for your health. Gaining weight is one such example. We all know how poor sleep causes your weight to go up.

If you are sleeping without clothes it will cause less sweating compared to sleeping with clothes. Less sweating is the result of your body temperature going down. As a result, you will get a night of better sleep and ultimately will prevent weight gain.

6. Fungal infections

There is a chance of developing fungal infections if you are sleeping with your clothes on. Tight boxers, pajamas, or inner-wear may lead to rashes due to sweating. This leads to fungal infections in the private parts of your body. There is a huge risk of developing yeast infection and vaginal infection. So, it is safe to sleep naked to lessen the risks of developing fungus. 

7. Healthy relationships

If you are married naked relationship is great for your relationship. One study discovered that skin to skin contact between adults stimulates the release of oxytocin, which helps in developing a great connection between the partners.

8. Great idea for people with low testosterone

Sleeping without clothes can help you increase your testosterone level.

You don’t believe me, right?

Well, a study proved that wearing tight-fitting underwear or boxers in males leads to decreased sperm count. Sleeping naked keeps your testicles cool and ultimately increases your testosterone levels.

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Risks of sleeping naked

Well as there are so many advantages related to naked sleeping if compared to sleeping with clothes on, there are also certain risks related to naked sleeping. These risks include

  1. Embarrassment – If someone enters your room without knocking on the door.
  2. Sleep-walking – Not so common among people, but if you have you will walk naked in the middle of the night with no clothes on. This would lead to severe awkwardness.
  3. While you are traveling – You cannot maintain the habit of sleeping naked while you are traveling.


There is a mild difference between sleeping with clothes on and sleeping naked, the latter one being a little better. It is advantageous to sleep naked as we can all see the benefits. But if you are too shy or you don’t feel comfortable sleeping with no clothes, I would suggest you wear minimum clothes for better and sound sleep. This will help you get all the advantages as well as won’t make you feel awkward.


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